Soiled Hands

Welcome, whoever may have come over from FreeDigger, my old blog. I found my interest in that blog petered out and I had been very infrequently posting to it–maybe once every two months. I had staked out a stance and an intent, and found three years later that I had changed. I wanted to focus on community garden politics in NYC almost exclusively. While that’s still a vital interest of mine, I find my life and interests are much broader. I used the word ‘digger’ in the blog title, a reference of course to gardening but also to the Digger movements of 17th century England and 1960s San Francisco. While I don’t disavow my affinity for those movements, they just don’t speak to my current condition.

So, what is my current condition? Well, I moved from gentrified Park Slope to East Bushwick. I live with my lover, Juniper. I still belong to community gardens here, but I also have “my own” garden in front and in back of the building. I’ve deepened my meditation practice, and ponder a lot more the relationship between spirituality and political engagement. I work for a progressive foundation, and spend much of my day thinking about how to support grassroots community organizing, which is different than being actively engaged in it. And, like every now and then, I read a mystery novel or visit an art gallery.

So, I guess you could say that I’m starting this blog to be much more personal, and true to my character, a bit unfocussed. Welcome to my fuzzy world.


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