Election Day

For election day, I helped pull together a poll watching party at the senior housing center around the corner, Duncan Genns. The residents are almost completely Black elders, so it felt like a great group to celebrate the historic occasion with. The party took place in the community room, which was also the neighborhood polling place. I had to push aside one of those enormous New York city polling machines to reveal the television. You know, the voting machines on casters that are about the size of a walk-in restaurant freezer. I made a tray of tuna casserole (how much more all-American can you get), mustard greens with onions and smoked paprika, and double batch of oatmeal cookies. Others brought a pumpkin chiffon cake and pound cake. A feast.

After all that cooking, I was pretty tuckered out and it was hard to be too animated. Which is one of the great things about partying with 80 year olds — nobody expects you to be. However, when the networks announced for Obama, everyone in the room stood up and cheered. I wish I had my camera ready.


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