Daffodils on the side

Backyard side stripI’m finally able to turn my attention to the backyard. Last weekend I spent several hours tidying up, especially the compost pile. Today I started work on planting a big bag of daffodils on the side strip. This no-man’s land is a five foot wide strip between our property and the next door neighbor that is owned by some corporation in Florida. It has the junkiest soil I’ve ever gardened in. Today I  dug up rubble, lots of liquor bottles, piles of ashes, clothing, toothpaste tubes. It was nauseating. For me, one of the pleasures of gardening is working with soil. But this felt like gardening on a landfill. This spring, I think I’ll plant periwinkle among the daffodils and then euonymous along the chainlink fence. A very uninspired selection, but I need things that are tough and don’t take a lot of work.


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