Tree Modeling for Phoenix Community Garden

Last Saturday I coordinated a planning session for locating trees in the Phoenix Community Garden. I had been frustrated at previous meetings, because they had been completely verbal with people pointing off into vague directions to indicate where they thought a tree might work. I think that trees create the environmental backbone of a garden, so I’m keenly committed to making sure we make thoughtful, well-informed decisions. So I made three sets of models of the garden. It was very simple. I just drew an outline of the garden on taped-together sheets of poster board, then bought a bag of model trees from Pearl Paint. I forgot to buy modeling clay, so we just stuck the bottom of the trees into little bits of orange peel. The teams of two worked together for about half-an-hour placing trees, then each presented their ideas. Here’s Cleo Debique, presenting her teams ideas:

This was the first video I ever made, and I’m quite proud of it. You can see the other presentations at my YouTube page:

The next step is to synthesize these ideas. I think there are a lot of commonalities, as well as some differences. Of course, the place to begin is from the shared agreement, I think.


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