And so it begins

After months of talking about gardens, it was nice to actually just garden this weekend. For me, in urban Brooklyn, the ritual always begins by picking up trash. I spent about three hours on Saturday picking up trash in my front yard, and four hours today at the Phoenix Community Garden. This was all the stuff that had been buried and compressed under the snow. It’s like a receding glacier, but instead of kettle holes and terminal moraines, the melt revealed fast food clamshells, liquor bottles, baby diapers, cigarette butts, random pieces of styrofoam, potato chip bags — you get the picture. I thought of taking photos — but eww. Instead, here’s an after shot of the front yard. I like how earthy and green it’s shaping up to be, even at the end of a long winter.


2 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. The trash at the Phoenix Garden is much worse, because it’s on Fulton Street, a major thoroughfare. Pilling Street, where I live, is relatively quiet and residential — so the trash is more tame.

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